Bandwidth alert :-)

6686 unique visits yesterday with a bandwidth"consumption" of 1098205Kbytes or more than 1GB.
What are you looking for?
This is just a simple website ... ;)

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Ok, a friend ended up here by trying to view a site on my local webserver... That's weird, since he obviously was using my ip, rather than localhost in the url

by: Weird.... at 09.06.2004 - 17:26  

Get Google adwords dude, get it now! Advertise the hell outta this, hehe!

by: Lobos at 15.03.2004 - 08:39 website 

use firefox (mozilla)
type localhost
i will take you to your site

by: Anonim at 15.03.2004 - 02:57 website 

If my local Apache isnt running Google redirect me to your Site!

by: Firebird/Google redirect at 14.03.2004 - 22:39 website 

Firefox and no localhost running ;)

by: semteX at 14.03.2004 - 12:26 website 

One possible reason for so many hits is that Mozilla redirects all requests for localhost to if the localhost does not respond. So, any web developers who are testing on their local machines will no doubt get your site alot. I'll switch to using my IP.


by: mozilla user at 12.03.2004 - 15:36  

guess I end up more than once a day here ;)

Firefox, of course..

by: gerald at 12.03.2004 - 14:07  

firefox here . . . :/

by: klonk at 12.03.2004 - 13:18  

me too, firefox :)

by: cipha at 12.03.2004 - 07:33  

thx for the feedback all, and thx for the interesting note firefoxer ;)

by: mdr at 12.03.2004 - 00:15 website 

I've got http://localhost as startpage and when the server is offline i endup here thanks to Firefox/Google....

by: N at 12.03.2004 - 00:02 website 

firebird/firefox/mozilla users should
set keyword.enabled to false in about:config
to disable this "feature"

by: firefoxer at 11.03.2004 - 23:54  

I forgot if a webserver was running on this machine so I did the obvious and ended up at this (nice) place ;-)

by: Daniel Gattermann at 11.03.2004 - 23:53 website 

In my case it was Firebird, haven't had time to install firefox yet :P
If you want to save on bandwith I guess you'll have to get a different domain

by: FC at 11.03.2004 - 23:26  

Yup. Firefox sent me here too, when my localhost SSL port wasn't working.

by: Tim at 11.03.2004 - 22:51  

I hit a link for my localhost server and had forgotten to run apache, so I guess it was google that automatically redirected me here :)

by: Michael at 11.03.2004 - 20:23  

Jaja, zo zit dat inderdaad alleen ...
Wat een naamkeuze al niet tot effect kan hebben ...
Zo kan je natuurlijk wel het aantal hits naar omhoog halen van je (proper & degelijk trouwens) siteje
Keep up the good work, stond toch maar vol met rommel :)

by: Jeroen VB at 11.03.2004 - 15:29  

Same for me :)
I'm a ColdFusion developer, sometimes my service on localhost:8500 is disabled and localhost:8500 is my home page :D
I'm on FireBird

by: Giampaolo Bellavite at 11.03.2004 - 13:19 website 

Well, I'll give you my reason for coming here: During software development I access servers running on my own computer, on "localhost". Now, sometimes I try to access pages locally without the server running at all...and since I use Mozilla Firebird/Firefox it searches google for the name "localhost", and ends up various places. This is the nicest place I've ended up so far though :-)

Yes, I'm using to access locally now, but sometimes I forget...

by: dagsverre at 11.03.2004 - 12:30  

same to me, firefox and apache not running

by: sear at 11.03.2004 - 12:27 website 

I'm a Firefox user trying to acces its localhost while Apache is not running properly, so the browser ask for a lucky google search, and here i am.

I guess this happens to many people, as the same situation gave me an advertisment page for long...

by: Fred Bird at 11.03.2004 - 11:20 website