Hit it

Conclusion: being nr. 1 at Google for keyword "localhost" + using "localhost" as URL (if no webserver is running) in Mozilla-browsers = a lot of hits for localhost.be

You can turn this feature off as described here or download the latest version at www.mozilla.org.

logdate: 12.03.2004 | language: english | add comment


Tja, zal wel dat jullie veel hits krijgen!

by: studiebeurs at 23.09.2011 - 22:28  

loving localhost.be xD, noticed it today once again after having been here before due to some fubary. managed to break and fix my BIND today :)

by: Revellion at 08.07.2008 - 19:51  

I'd like to add that setting browser.fixup.alternate.enabled (the "domain guessing" feature) to false as well can be beneficial. For example, when entering localhost in the address bar, firefox may attempt to visit localhost.com instead.

by: Tim McCormack at 02.09.2006 - 01:05 website 

Nice style :)
But how to access this page? Can't find the link...

by: sven at 02.05.2006 - 17:03 website 

Brilliant! I thought you did it in purpose as a way to get people here[;-)] I was testing on my owm computer.
It's a nice interlude. Glad I found you.

by: Laurel at 25.10.2005 - 01:10 website 

well I got here on Mozilla lucky too.

I was just testing the install of my new ecommerce software with InnoSetup, and it seems the engine didnt get started after all.

Interestingly the url had a port number, but I still landed here. http://localhost:8088

by: david at 18.04.2005 - 11:10 website 

I just typed localhost in my browser and I got to this site. Perhaps my hosts file should not contain: localhost google.com

Oh and on http://localhost.be/?dir=fun&item=funimagedump replace _blank with PICS or something so that you do not need to close 100+ pages afterwards (Or do a killall)


by: houghi at 15.04.2005 - 17:26 website 

I was looking for my own webpage on google (and who was referring to it) and I found http://www.a2b.cc/search-url.a2b?resnum=10&url=http://www.7s
econden.be where I discovered that you are close to me :)

by: jesus_ at 13.04.2005 - 13:48 website 

I was just curious what Ask Jeeves would return for a search on localhost - now I know :) Cool site too, I was expecting some ad-spam site to have grabbed it - nice surprise instead

by: matt at 13.03.2005 - 11:12  

I might as well take a look around since I first got here :)

by: hello at 01.03.2005 - 15:29  

I bet you'll never guess how I got here ;-) Was just checking to see if my Apache server was running on this SGI Octane2 and that my HOSTS file is configured correctly. I guess not eh? The annoying thing is that my host name doesn't resolve to the internal server either, dammit!

by: Antnee at 27.02.2005 - 23:20 website 

I am trying to get familiar with midgard and typed in "localhost" as new website only for testing...

by: sven at 24.02.2005 - 13:22 website 

this appeared in one of my tabs....

i don't know how.

but your site is nice!

by: Bishop at 22.02.2005 - 15:58 website 

The most fun with this site is this comment-section......with all posts about coming to this site from local host :) .

by: Voi at 09.02.2005 - 18:18 website 

i was testing my apache server and suddenly i was here at this beautiful place. this is a candidate for my bookmarks!!! great site.

i use firefox since release 0.8 on gentoo linux. before i used only mozilla.
i think this two browsers (and maybe opera )are much better than ie from ms.
i my opinion internet explorer is a joke full of security holes, and not a browser.

by: juergen at 02.02.2005 - 23:08 website 

Hum... Apache 2 is not running ;-)
Nice web site. Nice ideas. Very original.

by: Sérgio Marcelo at 29.12.2004 - 15:11 website 

I was playing with unixVNC server at localhost, then I came out here when I killed the pid.
nice site though. ;-)

by: fredle at 25.12.2004 - 16:49 website 

For those that don't have a sense of humor. Figure it out????!!!!

FireFox is awesome, some people have said they are having problems, but I'm sure its user error, or bad OS configurations. LOL Now if Linux would only work for me at my job. HMMMMM!!!! Maybe next year. L8r

by: SanKilla at 15.12.2004 - 00:13 website 

Wow, testing an internal webserver, on a local machine. LOL

Forgot that I'm now using FireFox, Keep up the good work man, I like the site.

by: SanKilla at 15.12.2004 - 00:09 website 

LOL! I totally forgot I'm not using IE anymore!

by: Dice at 12.12.2004 - 13:00  

forgot to run Apache before doing some PHP heh ^^

by: manu_kun at 04.12.2004 - 19:41 website 

well nothing bad to say about this site i just wished my damn apache would start working finally.... i gotta switch to linux for gawds sake.....xpcrap is tickin me off badly

by: claudox at 23.11.2004 - 17:48  

Hey all, after reading all the previous messages I can't think of anything new to say. You'll have to setlle for:
"Take back the web!"

by: Warmvixen at 11.11.2004 - 23:20 website 

It's not a bug, it's a feature (it really is).

by: PC_Freak at 30.10.2004 - 20:57 website 

LOL.. Still get it even with the latest RC1 release of Firefox :( They need to fix this!

by: savaka at 30.10.2004 - 01:08  

I still remember before this site was number 1 on Google's list, where forgetting to start apache and typing in "localhost" ended up taking me to some scam site with a .au URL. Good thing this is here now :)

by: Ant at 19.10.2004 - 17:34  

Oops! i misspelled firefox... lol... but at least now i know that firefox is some browser that no one knows about....

by: SomeGenious at 19.10.2004 - 02:07  

i was running some tests with php on my apache server and somehow i ended up here... i dont know why, i dont even know what firefix is... and i though this is hilarious... lol...

by: SomeGenious at 19.10.2004 - 02:04  

Hmmm... It's for your benefit face boy. If you don't like this website, you don't know your arse from your elbow - thoroughly good design. I stumbled across this site because it was the last referrer to SpreadFirefox =) and I was curious as to why someone's username was "localhost" and whether it was an error. Seemingly not! Hav fun and use firefox. Gonna go to college and ask them to install it throughout the network. I doubt I'll have much luck. Any tips for how to convince them, email me


by: Sam at 12.10.2004 - 10:51 website 

aren't you the idiot? what do we care if you turn it on or off, it's just a simple advice. btw, apparently you are the moron. when you should 've upgraded your browser you wouldn't be here ...

by: joe at 07.10.2004 - 18:08  

Yeah the thing is IDIOT that you incovenience everybody in return for some small boost to your heavily bolstered, but weak and frail ego. Why should I have to turn off keywords for your worthless benefit? It's my computer. FUCK OFF!

by: FUbooboo at 07.10.2004 - 17:09  


by: dau at 04.10.2004 - 23:19  

me so sorry!

by: Gutu at 30.09.2004 - 14:47  

lol firefox is gay..I am serious, I have had more problems with firefox then I have had with IE.

by: IE user :P at 30.09.2004 - 08:29 website 

What do you mean I don't qualify for cheap prescription drugs? - I'm clueless and irresponsible. I use unsecured credit card forms. I save all of my cookies. Jeezzz ...

by: jw at 27.09.2004 - 22:09  

visiting your site is better than any error message i've ever encountered - and a pleasant way to learn that i forgot to start my omni.

by: jed at 14.09.2004 - 07:52  

You know I hit this once before, but didn't realize what I'd done until I installed an Apache dev env on my computer to play with and hit this site again.

Nice to know I'm not the only 'doh!'

Wonderful site, folks.


by: NotGoddess at 07.09.2004 - 00:12 website 

Where is my free margarita and the male strippers they promised me to come here? ;-)

by: mary at 06.09.2004 - 12:27  

That was good...:S

by: tekrei at 03.09.2004 - 16:40  

Argh!!! where's my server! :)

Nice fun to stumble into this site during the anger of trying to learn about servers from trail and error.

I do hope i remember to go to this site again, although am not a usual firefox user it's fun to read these comments.

by: Greg at 03.09.2004 - 11:52 website 


by: hasan at 01.09.2004 - 12:35  

ok, so where is my cappucino?

by: edi at 01.09.2004 - 11:43  

I like firefox-friendly sites.... thanx a lot guys for not displaying annoing ads and stuff here.

by: Mr Mojo Risin at 26.08.2004 - 19:19  

so let me get this right, you really dont sell viagra?

by: tl at 17.08.2004 - 20:28  

I expected a viagra-selling site here - not firefox-friendly explanations. very cool

by: bj at 10.08.2004 - 18:55  

very amusing!

by: st at 10.08.2004 - 16:38  

:E how did i get here, anyway, thanks for the tip about setting keywords.enabled to false. I shouldn't have any problems anymore :).

by: XPMaster at 30.07.2004 - 20:10 website 

oh no! how the hell did i get here.

by: simon at 29.07.2004 - 09:57 website 

haha even after seing this page I thought it was the people from foxserv's (an appache php installer for windows - which I have just installed) sence of humor to put up a page like this only caught on about 5 minutes later

by: jean at 28.07.2004 - 18:53  

Very cool indeed! I'm quite envious!

by: Jen at 22.07.2004 - 17:42  

Wow, like many before me, i have stumbled upon this site while using Mozilla. I'm going to have to bookmark this site ( I turned off that google lookup) so I can remember to comeback. This place rocks. Seriously.

by: InfinityBuffer at 18.07.2004 - 01:33 website 

just another sucker that ended up here... though I'd leave my mark. ;)

by: coda at 17.07.2004 - 05:23 website 

uh uh uh uh uh...

by: Fire Fox at 09.07.2004 - 04:01  

Cheers for the tip on how to stop the Google look-up. It's been irritating me for a while. When I used to type in the name of a particular box on the local network Firefox used to retrieve a SEO'd website selling sunglasses.

by: gratefulForTip at 08.07.2004 - 16:06  


I _could_ turn the keyword search thingee off... but then I might never make it back to this fun little website. :)

by: Cram Jazner at 06.07.2004 - 10:40  


Nice, of you to promote FireFox this way!
Great browser, Great Extensions.....


by: Gijs at 03.07.2004 - 11:42 website 

I hope you're not paying for traffic :)

by: Nikolaj Andresen at 29.06.2004 - 14:30  

hmm, this site is much nicer than localhost.net.au :D

Little tip for those who want to stop this happening without turning off the very useful keyword search feature, and are unlikely to want to visit localhost.be again:

Find your hosts file and open it in a text editor such as notepad. It's probably:
Windows 95/98/Me: c:\windows\hosts
Windows NT/2000/XP Pro: c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
Windows XP Home: c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
Linux: /etc/hosts

and add the lines " localhost.be" and " www.localhost.be" (again, no quotes)

see this site for some explanation: http://www.accs-net.com/hosts/what_is_hosts.html

N.B. if you have a file called hosts.sam then that's not the hosts file, merely a sample host file. Rename it to hosts (no extension) and then use it (the syntax is obvious). If you don't have a hosts file at all then make a file called hosts (no extension), and make sure to add the line " localhost" (no quotes)

by: Jomel at 23.06.2004 - 23:09  

Indeed, one dead webserver. Great Error message.

by: Eric at 18.06.2004 - 22:31 website 

Hi, i like this web site ;o)

by: Eduard at 17.06.2004 - 09:46 website 

Heh got me worried.

Excellent domain choice.

by: nice at 16.06.2004 - 04:50  

I think your hitcount may start to rise as someone mentioned on slashdot about typing in localhost in fire fox :)

by: John at 15.06.2004 - 12:07  

Shit, I thought the h4x0rs finally got me, that freaked the hell out of me :O

by: Vector9 at 13.06.2004 - 07:36 website 

This motherfucking shit rules, got my fav mother fuckers!

by: Grandma Chucha at 13.06.2004 - 04:29  

Love the Tux gallery! =)

by: Denyer at 12.06.2004 - 04:09  

funny issue but stupid name for a webserver however

by: guim at 11.06.2004 - 19:28  

i thought my apache was screwed up or something!
thx for teh tip!

by: Decko at 11.06.2004 - 11:54  

Thanks a lot. I never heard about this ability about:config. I'll adjust just about everything

by: Rudi Kusters at 11.06.2004 - 00:01  

clicked on a link on my companys intranet site...and got here.

Thanks for the explanation!

by: frazza at 09.06.2004 - 21:16  

I was just testing apache when i was redirected to this cool
Thanks :)

by: mAriuZ at 09.06.2004 - 10:21 website 


by: freze_ at 07.06.2004 - 20:27 website 

Grrrrr.....lol, its getting so bad your gettin at least 3 hits out of me a day, im redoing my typing and server config habits anyways, (i run apache, and webmin, along with squid, and a few other web server style apps, like UT)....lol time to start typing instead eh???.....lol

by: Yoda(of.BORG) at 07.06.2004 - 13:35 website 

Olá! sou brasileiro e quero dizer que Jesus ama muito vocês, Ele morreu e resurgiu dos mortos para te salvar da condenação eterna, e para que você tenha uma vida em abundancia e ter intimidade com o Pai Deus, entregue sua vida a Jesus, confia Nele e tudo mais ele fará
Jesus Love You!

by: Marlon at 06.06.2004 - 02:07  

This site is very cool, I'm brazilian and don't know write in inglish very well hehehe but I'm learn ....

by: Kabloc at 03.06.2004 - 16:32 website 

good site

love the pictures

by: zdeqb at 03.06.2004 - 03:41  

i love this site

by: honc. at 03.06.2004 - 00:06 website 

grrrr ! run little Apache, run !

by: speos at 02.06.2004 - 22:38  

Haha! Nice to see I'm not the only one :) I'll check the site though!

by: messk at 01.06.2004 - 13:47  

hey, my first visit for this new week ;)
a counter on this site would be nice :D

(doubleclicking apache.exe)

greetz, ben

by: ben at 31.05.2004 - 10:42  

Nice site and thanks for the coffee!!

You can offer your services to Verisign wildcard... lol...

by: Yaa 101 at 30.05.2004 - 01:32 website 

ops, forgot to start cocoon ;-)))
nice site!


by: atmo at 29.05.2004 - 17:32  

I'm a stupid man... however now everything works
Cool site again :-)

by: Carlo at 29.05.2004 - 12:58  

i set keyword.enabled false but each time i try to connect to localhost i recive the alert : "connection refused when attempting to contact localhost"

please help me!! ;-)

by: Carlo at 28.05.2004 - 22:22  

cooll!!!! but my apache now?

by: carlo at 28.05.2004 - 21:42  

HAH! I keep hitting this all the time when I try to get to my webmin! (which is running)

by: bluefoxicy at 28.05.2004 - 19:43 website 

hehe lol,

btw, a firefox is a "well behaved browser"

If you type something in the location bar, it actually searches on google, using the "I'm feeling lucky" search mode. Since localhost.be is the first hit when searching for "localhost", you get transfered to this site.

PS. Very cool site... Better then: "The connection was refused" :p

by: Rainmaker at 28.05.2004 - 01:36  

Hehe, old habbits die hard, too bad that you have localhost.be on a different server then www.localhost.be, with 633k this month (by the way what happened on 22nd?) hits on the later one (I've checked out your Webalizer stats) I wonder how many people actually run into this problem (you might even set up some sort of poll, that could be fun)

by: Eugene at 28.05.2004 - 00:37  

firefox even does its keyword lookup when i specified a different port number :(

by: joeri at 27.05.2004 - 13:21  

Was debuging some code and click a localhost link grats on grabbing the name

by: Sticker at 27.05.2004 - 08:40  

Thanks for not just blowing me off because of a distastefull behavior of Mozilla...

by: dsenzig at 27.05.2004 - 01:37  


by: gatoNero at 27.05.2004 - 00:31 website 

Thanks for the information about Mozilla, that 'feature' has been bugging me since I installed it!

by: CoMoD at 26.05.2004 - 19:01 website 

Heh forgot to start up the local httpd =)

by: Fazed at 26.05.2004 - 17:15  

This FireFox feature seems just outright wrong to me. I didn't just enter `localhost', I entered a complete URL, i. e. http://localhost/, not just a keyword.

A well-behaved browser should either get me to the site, or report that it's not responding.

by: Rick at 26.05.2004 - 16:44  


Java, J2EE SDK, Firefox can you imagine having to install all of that just to hit this site ????

Thanks for the headsup guys and well doen on the site, to all the developers and admins out there, welcome to the bottom of the stupid pit, it's warm and cozy down here :)

by: Ettienne at 26.05.2004 - 10:40  

Awesome design, very helpfull site. Good to see everyone makes mistakes too... Cheers!

by: ChaseTux at 26.05.2004 - 06:48  




by: 5amYan at 26.05.2004 - 04:46 website 

Ah yeah! Better than an 404 ;-) Cool Idea!

by: funkyferdy at 25.05.2004 - 18:50 website 

:D heh. I should start my Apache :)

by: tero at 25.05.2004 - 16:25  

stop instead of start :-). Then some time to understand :-(

by: pino at 25.05.2004 - 12:48  

another one with apache shutted down;)

by: ciukes at 25.05.2004 - 00:56  


by: ADDUCK at 24.05.2004 - 21:36  

I'm just the next who forgot to start Apache...

by: Eckhart at 24.05.2004 - 19:16  

congratulations on picking that domain name!

by: heimo at 24.05.2004 - 18:55 website 

Ha, nice one guys!

Guess you just caught another one :)

by: anonymous at 23.05.2004 - 17:58  

Hey why are all you people posting comments on the site on my server??


by: Mike at 23.05.2004 - 16:40 website 

hah. hello everybody :)) hah, looks I'm next one :) Great idea! greeting to all devs and designers

by: rygar at 23.05.2004 - 12:38 website 

Dooh, I should have started my Apache before typing localhost into my firebird, don`t you think this one to?`

BTW, cool Site *G*

by: TzanhZsu at 22.05.2004 - 23:12  

Lol - this is way cool. I just could NOT locate the files showing this page in my httpd-dir....hehe!

I'd love to see some sort of counter here!

by: JJ at 22.05.2004 - 14:29 website 

Woot! Tomcat misbehaving! Nice site. I'll be back....no doubt!!

by: Ez at 21.05.2004 - 12:35  

Okay, now that I know that I'm not the only dork out there, I feel considerably better. ;)

by: Michael at 21.05.2004 - 00:41  

Seems that I forgot to install IIS... This site rocks LOL

by: thegve at 20.05.2004 - 21:07  

I'm surprised there are only a few posts here a day. I would figure thousands of people hit it...they should put a counter up...?

by: luke at 20.05.2004 - 16:53  

Doh. Stupid me. :-)

by: Mike at 20.05.2004 - 14:56 website 

Interesting. Must of forgotten to start Apache ;)
I wonder how many people forget to start their server, who also use Mozilla, and end up here per day ;)


by: X at 20.05.2004 - 00:19  

what is this page?

by: Queen at 19.05.2004 - 01:07  

good indicator. thx. :-)

by: roto at 18.05.2004 - 05:04  

why don't you set up a site "your configuration is right, pease enter your root login for starting the apache server" ;-)

regards, enno

by: enno at 17.05.2004 - 15:04 website 

lol! better turn on the webserver then.
thanks for the tip :)

by: atro at 17.05.2004 - 04:41  

uhm ... apache was started, but i think my php test crashed it or something ... naver was here before ^^ ... now ... where is this code-line which fucked up my apache ...

by: budcha at 15.05.2004 - 19:35  


by: Me Too at 15.05.2004 - 17:52 website 

Guess I forgot to start the webserver then ....

Cheers for a helpful site.


by: Alan Milnes at 14.05.2004 - 11:05 website 

hm ... this has been a mooted idea for a while, so they finally went and did it. And to think, if Web Objects monitor was behaving itself you might never have read this message ...

by: emyr at 12.05.2004 - 18:56 website 

heh... good idea... Thanks for the fix, i was trying to config my webserver and i use mozilla firefox lol...

by: Anthony at 11.05.2004 - 01:07  

Hmm, nice! glad you cought this site! I'll check it out sometime, although I'm not sure how i got here wiith 'http://locahost:3306'! haha. Thanks for the info


by: Jake at 10.05.2004 - 23:59  

Got here by accident?
Jes of skroz, srtnli
5+ for web site
"It's OK." (Fani Čapalija)

{E ba? me iznenadi...
+site vam je za 5}

Gimme the night!

by: antun at 10.05.2004 - 20:56 website 

Yep, forgot to start tomcat to test my latest turbine changes...

by: Marty at 10.05.2004 - 15:46  

Yeah, forgot to start the web server _again_ :) Well, definitely much better that the dreaded localhost.net.au... Nice site, brought me to such a good mood that I guess I won't be changing the autosearch feature, just to make sure I'll be dropping by again in the future :D

by: a happy firefox user at 08.05.2004 - 18:59  

Haha, how cool is this :) Apparently my Tomcat didn't start.

by: Nico at 07.05.2004 - 16:04  

LoL, i was just trying to what i'll come with localhost, and here i am.. nice tip ;p

by: jackal at 06.05.2004 - 22:49  

Ooops! Yeah, forgot so start the apache!


by: fuselhausi at 06.05.2004 - 16:12  

hum... this means my apache is down, ups.

Anyway, hello all. and thanks to the localhost.be team. i'll take a closer look at your site when i have the time... (not now, to busy :) ) thanks for taking no advantage and not exploiting this.

going back to work.... and activare apache deamon, hehe.

greetings from Portugal.


by: Qsp at 05.05.2004 - 15:24  

Yo, seriously, this is like the friendliest site I've seen. Where others would exploit this, you've chosen not to and in fact helped up too! Thanks!

by: f at 04.05.2004 - 22:01  

Just trying to find out if my Fedora has apache preconfigured.. I guess the answer is no.. ;)

by: Troyhy at 04.05.2004 - 12:39  

Just trying out if my Fedora has apache preconfigured.. I guess the answer is no.. ;)

by: Troyhy at 04.05.2004 - 12:39  

My misadventure:
ssh tunnel L: 8000 -> R: another.host:80

... forgot the :8000

Very friendly site. In an Internet full of expoits, it's good to see someone playing nice.

by: Cameron King at 03.05.2004 - 03:18 website 

there was me... programming my website about Ford Landau, Star Wars and other things when i try to see if everything was fine... but i forgot that a just closed apache... so... here i am... let me pay more attention... congrats localhost.be team...

may the force be with you...

Landau, o renegado

by: Landau, o renegado at 03.05.2004 - 02:53 website 

Well, hello, the next victim of FF's intelligence and your good SEO is here... ;)

by: JohnyB at 01.05.2004 - 18:40 website 

= a lot of hits for localhost.be

by: lamer at 01.05.2004 - 02:39  

thanks for giving the tip ... as someone else stated, it's good to find someone playing nice.

by: objo at 30.04.2004 - 04:27  

haha, just read all comments, you can do some stats and guess what is the most common accident for getting here ^^

by: Oxy at 30.04.2004 - 03:12  

lol, i think this is my 320e visit here, always forgotting to launch my webserver before click the localhost favorite haha :D


by: Oxy at 30.04.2004 - 03:09  

nice site. thanks for the tip.
an accident at first but i'll probably be back ;)

by: aaron at 29.04.2004 - 20:36  

Nice site! Haven't run into this before, so appreciate the tip, and nice to see someone that likes to "play nice" around the 'net. :)

by: shardis at 29.04.2004 - 10:34 website 

didnt expect to land here, nice site though, gotta restart IIS now P)

by: boxerjoe at 28.04.2004 - 16:52  

Tomcat crash and i didn't realize,

Thanks for the info on stoping the search

by: Ramza at 28.04.2004 - 16:32 website 

Argggh.. This is what I get for running three different test servers on one box.

Nice site - not spamtastic.

by: Tom at 28.04.2004 - 11:15  

why does everyone feel the need to describe how they got here?

by: kitty at 27.04.2004 - 22:50  

Stupid me. Forgot to start apache

*slaps forehead*

by: zegenie at 27.04.2004 - 10:28 website 

actually, mod_rewrite is doing me in...

by: mark at 27.04.2004 - 03:44 website 

Once again, I have forgotten to start iis . . .

by: adamant at 26.04.2004 - 23:25 website 

Oh nice, I was wondering how to make it stop searching from the address bar. With a google bar just next to it, such a search function is redundant and only leads to mistakes.

Thanx, localhost.be for a simple efficient description :)

by: Jesper aka XyborX at 26.04.2004 - 09:15 website 

Oh, thank goodness for simple sites.

The default lookup or whatever for 'localhost' used to bring me to localhost.net.au, a horribly done SEO site.

by: Paul at 23.04.2004 - 22:38 website 

Forgot to remove the "localhost" URL from a InvisionBoard link. Wound up here. Cheers. :o

by: Chris at 23.04.2004 - 06:26 website 

forgotten to ssh-forward my port, so instead of connecting to my server, I arrived here instead :)

by: c123 at 22.04.2004 - 00:20  

I got here when starting Xampp for windows 1.4.2 but Apache was configured the wrong way. Then browsing localhost got me here. So .... everyone run setup_xampp.bat !

by: Sikkepitje at 21.04.2004 - 23:02  

um...so my web server and firefox never reacted like this, however the weird media player classic web interface did. strange...anywayz, fixed now, thanks for the explanation.

nice design btw, im a supporter of the white.

by: mrjack at 20.04.2004 - 14:09  

So yeah, good times! forgot to add the port number when testing my new Tomcat setup. nice layout, too.

by: fermion at 16.04.2004 - 19:52 website 

Hehehehehe This is cool!

In the interest of keeping you number one I put a link hear from hear...


(a little tip, but links *into* wikki pedia are a great google booster)

One thing you could add to your very cool message is a link to

As in "Click hear to get your server"

Thanks for the ace site!


by: Dan at 16.04.2004 - 10:23 website 

lovely, your website singlehandedly breaks every fucking help file that uses a local HTML file

setting the thing in about:config simply breaks it even more

by: what at 13.04.2004 - 23:38  

oh my god.. :)
how you did it (got on top in google)?
the previous exploiter of this mozilla feature was localhost.net.au
they where a hosting company, then started to sell some ebook about "making money".. there is a nice clean geeky blog, at least nothing commercial in first place..

my UN-success story: just upgraded (emerge'd on gentoo linux) mod_php. apache appeared to be restarted successfully, but in fact not. the failure caused by turck-mmcache (my accelerator of choice), it screamed for recompile it in apache error.log. so i tried. no success, it claims for phpize missing. then i started to upgrade php (cli flavour), in hope phpize will be there... lets see if it helps.

by: Sandis at 11.04.2004 - 11:59 website 

great !

by: kirill at 09.04.2004 - 09:56  

pure genius used good instead of evil.
you will go far Dartanion. very far.

by: leader at 09.04.2004 - 00:48 website 

Nice site indeed, and also the way you are using it.
greets to all mozilla users and you of course!!

by: Victor at 07.04.2004 - 21:46  

Ta for the info - 'interesting' feature for mozilla disabled, and I liked your site, so i bookmarked it!

by: Tiff at 06.04.2004 - 10:19  

Well, at least you have outranked localhost.net.au, a malicious webring with completely bogus content exploiting this very feature in Mozilla. Thanks for pointing the localhost situation out on your entry page!!!

by: Wired Earp at 30.03.2004 - 22:10  

Oh, when I wrote my previous reply I thought you set up the "This is not - your localhost" warning page to be shown only when coming from Google's "I feel lucky" (being the &btnI part, where the last letter I is an uppercase i, not a lowecase L, in http://www.google.com/search?q=localhost&btnI=Something ). But now I see that simply browsing to http://localhost.be gets me the same warning, even with Internet Explorer.

So, though I still feel this result is much better than the one at www. localhost .net.au, I also understand your friendly warning might be very temporary.

So: a request! If you stay at Google's number 1 for ages but you're not planning to keep the "This is not - your localhost" warning, would you then maybe consider still showing that warning if referred to by ...&btnI? I like it!

By the way: see also the friendly fooks at http://locahost.com (with one L short) who even have a cookie for automatic redirect :-) Those fooks might even generate traffic to your site!


by: Arjan (again) at 25.03.2004 - 19:05  

Well, here's another Firefox user who initally wondered how my localhost got taken over by some hostile site. So, after I got the clue, on March 6th I "complained" at Google about http://www.google.com/search?q=localhost&btnI referring to the ugly and very annoying site of www . localhost . net . au -- URL mangled a bit to avoid this site being referenced and as such: counted by Google!

I don't know what changed but the current "I'm feeling lucky" result is much better indeed! Makes me wonder though: did Google change the search result on purpose? If not yet, then I really hope they will, if localhost.be ever drops from their number 1 position! And above all I hope Google will not abuse this knowledge and sell the number 1 position for localhost to whoever pays most...


by: Arjan at 25.03.2004 - 18:22 website 

I was ending up here a couple times a day thanks to firefox. I have turned off keywords to save your bandwidth. If I were you, I'd put up some web developer friendly ads and see if you can make some $$$.

by: crispy at 15.03.2004 - 22:53 website 

damn, and there was me thinking i'd come accross an old website i built, and lost in the mess that is my localhost.... good work.

by: Jon at 15.03.2004 - 11:49 website 

Great site man, love it!!!!

Kindest regards

by: Lobos at 15.03.2004 - 08:41 website 

You have got rather lucky with this Mozilla localhost thing. Make the most of it :-) Your traffic is excellent!

by: Elegant Design at 15.03.2004 - 06:05 website 

Ahh, thank you. Finally manage to turn off the mozilla search.But I'll still be dropping by. Nice site :D

by: dogma at 15.03.2004 - 03:35  

Roger that, anon. At least this "localhost" is a real websit, a nice one by the way.

by: Gaheris at 14.03.2004 - 15:36  

You're a lot better than the localhost.net.au guy.

by: anon at 12.03.2004 - 22:36  

Fantasic - that's been irritating me for ages. Nice one.

by: Matthew Reeve at 12.03.2004 - 19:28  

In the latest Firebird build this has been fixed:

So next firebird/fox/squirrel/badger release the bandwidth usage will do down.

by: leo at 12.03.2004 - 16:20  

you rock! ;)

by: tyko at 12.03.2004 - 14:16 website 


you are the best

localhost for ever !!!

by: tomcat at 12.03.2004 - 13:59  

Here you go Matthew ;)

by: mdr at 12.03.2004 - 11:12  

Yes I have just hit localhost.be because Mozilla FireFox does a google I'm feeling lucky search if localhost is not running. Annoying for me as well as chewing up your banwidth.

I have not found a way to turn this misfeature off,If you do, publish it!

by: Matthew Reeve at 12.03.2004 - 10:56